French chansons

Georgette has a warm voice, whereby particularly the lower register is striking. Her timbre fits French songs, the “chansons” very well. Because she masters the French language Georgette is able to give these songs the desired depth and emotional tension. Vocals alternate with instrumentals to form a spell-binding combination that deeply touches the audience.


Tango music has always had a special appeal to Georgette. Tango means passion, life itself… The lyrics of tango songs are poetic and full of drama. Georgette loves prose and poetry and gives these songs a life of their own.

The well-known tango classics and, of course, the beautiful compositions by Astor Piazzolla and Eladia Blazquez are part and parcel to this program.


Well- and lesser known jazz music comes to the audience in a variety of ways: standards, blues, jazzwaltzes or bossa nova, Latin jazz or a pop song make up the playlist of the jazz program. Of course Georgette’s main instrument in this program is the saxophone, although she may also sing some pieces.

It is always possible to change the mix of vocal and instrumental pieces.


Mezzaluna is Georgette’s first one-woman show and carries the sub-title “Farewell and Longing”. This powerful show can also be performed with piano accompaniment. In Mezzaluna Georgette weaves her passion of the theatrical arts into her own story about love, longing and farewell. With music and dance she invites her audience to discover a wide emotional palette. read more >

DJ plus saxophone

You have a party with dj and you’re still looking for something more? Georgette gives it the finishing touch with her saxophone solos. Works very well for fashion shows, too.